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Sweets shop „Laima” with a small cafe area

Sweets shop „Laima" is located in Old Town of Riga at Vaļņu Street 28.

The technical task of the interior design involves adapting the design concept of the sweet shop „Laima„ to existing new premises. Functionally, shop is divided into two zones - the sale of sweets and candies, which is located in two shopping halls and a small cafe area with three tables, where the customer can enjoy delicious coffee and Old Towns everyday view through the window.

The interior design has been retained in an industrial style, thus linking the historical development and meaning of the „Laima” factory and the production of today. The original historic brick walls and arched ceilings are preserved in the store. The floor is decorated with dark brown large-format tiles together with an inlaid "Laima" decorative brass tiles. The design concept of "Laima" involves the use of wallcoverings „Cocoa beans” in wall finishes, which brilliantly integrates into the wall behind the cash desk. The wallcovering`s design is quite active and assigns thematic significance to the walls.

Also the furniture is made in industrial style. Their frame is made of metal and painted in chocolate colour. The size, ergonomics and number of the furniture are determined by the necessary assortment of products for sale in the shop. The product shelves at the top level have a light box, that illuminates and displays the historical photos of the „Laima” factory or creates a special seasonal holiday atmosphere with thematic pictures. Tracklight in ceilings are the main source of lighting in the store. The directed light star from spot perfectly accentuates product shelves. As addition there are“Asorti” candy-shaped ceiling decorations. Each candy is supplemented with LED lighting, attracting attention.

In the store window you can see the shelve, which decoratively displays "Laima`s" delicious candies and truffles from the street side.

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