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Classical Design Apartment in Bangalore, India

I am very pleased to share with you ongoing project located in Bangalore, India.

This neo-classical touch apartment is designed in a residential project Mantri Espana. Mantri Espana is a brand new building and an ultimate reflection of the urban chic lifestyle. This esteemed project presents a perfect blend of class and style that transform the structure into an architectural marvel.

Apartment consists of three bedrooms, entry lobby, living room, dining room, powder room for visitor`s use, personal bathroom in each bedroom, kitchen and utility room with a back entrance. Total area is 156 sq.m.

Wall elements are combined in proportion to wall heights and observe a three part division into frieze, field and base. A typically panelled and painted wall treatment is decorated with a plaster moulding which is chosen in gilded colour. The enrichment of the frieze, decorated with a scrolling acanthus leaf, in conjunction with the cornice above is an essential element of a classical wall design.

Glided plaster ceiling roses are the only decorative element on the ceilings.

Custom pattern water jet marble tiles at the entry lobby floor have efficient design what perfect looks together with wooden board in the living room. Wood floorboard with a gilded inlay in the living and dining room is framed by calacatta gold marble tiles. Black diamonds mark the intersections of the marble floor in the kitchen.

As a position of importance, fireplace mantel is richly sculpted with floral figures and foliage. The over mantel part shall be used as a screen for projector watching.

Classical bathrooms design combines luxury and opulence with a relaxed atmosphere. Elaborated bathrooms finish is perfectly blended with the golden fixtures, including inlaid marble work, given elegant hues and luxurious touches.

To provide interior design with an elegant charm there are selected delicate furniture items in French Louis XVI style. Each furniture piece is exquisitely constructed and looks like pieces of jewelry. Neo-classical design elements come from French source, but other details are Italian inspiration.

Magnificent lighting fixtures in general retain a graceful scale that gives it such an enrichment appeal.

As a central extravagant and unique element of apartment is Grand Piano. It gives to space a timeless feeling.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to a Client for cooperation in designing process, we have achieved a greater richness in the unity of composition.

Please see below the most divine design renderings.

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