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My name is Katarina. I am Riga based Designer in charge.

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Have idea? Or do You plan a New design?
Here you will find inspiration, interior design ideas and have the opportunity to get a professional consultation.

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Young Boys Bedroom Contemporary Design

These attic bedrooms shows how efficient can be used the space. As a functional element metal construction in minimalistic design are used. It combines areas for sleeping – a single bed with two drawers, storage organization as walk-in wardrobe and closet, and a desk shelf as an area for hobbies. A horizontal bar over the door can be used for sport activities. Desk for study and ergonomic chair is placed at the wall close to daylight window.

As a practical solution for ceiling light there are built-in LED stripes inside horizontal beams. Carefully planned layout is saving the floor space for boys everyday activities.

A stylish accent in bedroom is blackboard that can be used for drawing or as a "wall of fame" to express children achievements. In order to reflect boys personality, each bedroom has its own colorful details and bright neon touches in wall lights.

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