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My name is Katarina. I am Riga based Designer in charge.

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Interior Architecture

Customised Design 

Furniture Design

Yacht Interior Design 

Project Development


Have idea? Or do You plan a New design?
Here you will find inspiration, interior design ideas and have the opportunity to get a professional consultation.

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EXPO 2017 Future Energy Astana, Kazakhstan

The Future Energy is Here! You are kindly welcome to visit the Pavilion of LATVIA during EXPO 2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan from 10th of June till 10th of September.



Love, Sonorous Language, Family, Second Home, Fairy tale, Green Land, Huge Possibilities, Transformation, Target, Amber, Rich Soil, Grey Peas, Bicycle, No Stress, Snow, Social Advert, My Birthday, Clean Water, Wind, Fresh Milk, Cleanliness, Order, Health, Dancing People, Billion Stars, Vast Space, New Life, Sound of Leaves, Doors, Land of Paradoxes, Cold, Miracle, History, Autumn, Garden, Lāčplēsis, Flowers, Latvian Films, Light, Angry Sea, Fresh Air, Strength, Ice Fishing, Songs of Thrush Birds, Blue Sky, Harvest, Unspoiled, Wild East, Potatoes, Passion, Deserted beaches, Swimming, Independence...

My Future!

EXPO 2017 Pavilion LATVIA

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